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Popular Shapes For A Diamond Engagement Ring


It's been in demand always to have diamond engagement rings. The factor that's contributing to its popularity is the timeless beauty and intense sparkle it has. Diamond's sparkle depends largely on how it is cut. It is among the most significant characteristics that are determining the overall beauty as well as value of the diamond.


If you're planning to buy a diamond engagement rings nz, then it is vitally important to pay great attention to its cut and shape. This precious stone comes in a number of different and fancy shapes which add beauty to different jewelry accessories. A very popular cut is the round brilliant while other well known shapes include emerald cut, princess cut, heart, pear, oval and baguette.


Round Brilliant Cut


Brides who actually prefer the conventional things must be opting for round cut diamonds for engagement ring. This cut is very popular for the fact that it's designed to deliver maximum sparkle.


Princess Cut


It is actually the most sought diamond shape. Introduced in the 1990s, this shape of diamond is well known for its capability to radiate brilliance and fire. Princess cut diamonds have square top with pointed corners and pyramid shape. The rings are encrusted with princess cut diamonds are contemporary alternative to the traditional brilliant cut diamond engagement rings.


Emerald Cut


Also referred to as step cut, the clipped corners of emerald cut diamonds help prongs to hold the precious stone perfectly. This cut has some facets compared to princess and round cuts and lay more emphasis on the clarity of the diamond. This cut is ideal for women who prefer unique, unusual, stylish and also, sophisticated diamond for their wedding rings nz. Diamonds that have this cut has a flat rectangular top together with chiseled corners.


Oval Cut


This particular cut has got the same brilliance and fire as of round cut diamond but, with a modern edge. Created in the 60s, engagement rings of such cut makes your finger to appear slimmer and longer.




Engagement rings that have a heart shaped diamond is actually the best way of expressing eternal love. This unique cut also add a touch of feminism and romance to any jewelry accessory you have. The intricate cut demands expertise and high skill to guarantee that there'll be optimum sparkle.




Otherwise known as teardrop and is a blend of marquise and oval diamonds. It is perfect not just an engagement ring but also, as earrings and pendant.